P. Portlock

PORTLOCK, Percy Herbert
Lance Serjeant L/8960,
1st Battalion,
The Queens (Royal West Surrey Regiment)

Discharged 31st Jan., 1917
Died - 23 July 1919 of wounds received at the battle of Cambrai in 1916

Buried at Leicester (Welford Road) Cemetery, Leicester
Screen wall - O1.388

Husband of Ethel May Portlock, of 24, Canon St., Leicester.

Through speaking to Pat Smith (born Portlock) of Nelson about E. Portlock whose name appears on the memorial I have been able to confirm that this relates to Percy Portlock, brother to Ernest whose details are included on another page.

Son of William Frederick and Marie Ann Portlock.
Brother to Ernest PORTLOCK

Portlock family grave

The photograph (left) is the family grave of Percy and Ernest Portlock who were both killed during the Great War. The headstone includes a memorial to both brothers. Buried in the grave are:

Their father, William Portlock originated from Staverton, Gloucestershire. He died on 11th August, 1924 aged 63 yrs,
Their mother Marie Ann was also from Gloucestershire. She died on 2nd July 1947 aged 84yrs.
William Portlock died on 13th October 1950 aged 68 years. (A brother to Percy and Ernest)

All three are buried at St Mabon’s Church, Llanfabon, Nelson.

As stated above, William and Marie came from Staverton, near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. They remained there with their family until after 1901. While they were there, they lived at:

58 Staverton Cottages, Staverton, Gloucestershire

William was a general stores shopkeeper. It is here that their children were born, seven in all. I am informed by Andrew Portlock, a great-grandson that there were fourteen in all and I will try and find more information about the ones not included below:

William F was born in 1883
Percy Herbert was born in 1891
Ernest was born in 1892
Cyril Harry was born in 1894
Sidney was born in 1897
Alice was born in 1898, and
Clifford was born in 1901

It is after 1901 that some or all the family came to the Nelson area to settle. What is clear is that the business mind of William Portlock has been carried through generations.

Portlocks have been in business in the Nelson area for generations. Andrew Portlock is the current keeper of the Wern Ganol guest house which is included into this site. The business was previously run by his father.



Please see entries in the guestbook for some excellent information on the family history, which has been kindly provided by John Rhys-Burgess, a member of the Portlock family.

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