Memorial Plaque


This page will allow you to view the details of the full list of those men whose names are recorded on the War Memorial at Nelson, Glamorgan, under the section relating to those that were killed during the First World War. Using the links to the left, they can be viewed by name groups.

 The Nelson First World War memorial was unveiled in 1926 by Major Dowdeswell who himself was a resident of Nelson, living in Shingrig Road. The inscription on the plaque reads,


which literally translates to 'Better Death, Than Shame', but the meaning would probably be more commonly translated to the more recognised version...

"Rather Death, Than Dishonour" 

On the plaque are inscribed fifty-six names, as seen in this photo.
My intention is to provide as much information as I can about these men within this site. I will endeavour to carry out further research and update the site periodically.

There is still information missing, though. I would gladly appreciate any help or information that could help fill any missing information. If you can provide any information, please follow the link in the left column.

NOTE: You may notice that the names do not appear to be in true alphabetical order in their columns. This is not an error on my behalf. The names appear in the same order as they have been inscribed on the memorial.

There are several men whose details appear in the main Nelson War Memorial web-site, with notes on individual pages that their names are inscribed on War Memorials in the nearby villages of Trelewis and Cilfynydd. The page links to the left allow you to go to the Trelewis or Cilfynydd War Memorial information that I have included into this site, where I have been able to find that information.

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