Colenso Glynne JONES

Colenso Glynne JONES
Private 53809
3rd Battalion, South Wales Borderers

Born - Abercynon, Glamorgan
Enlisted - Mountain Ash

Died 14th October, 1918 - died at home aged 19yrs
(Died of pneumonia)

Buried at Llanfabon, Nelson (St Cynon’s Church)

Jones CG

Colenso Glynne JONES was born to Thomas William and Sarah JONES of 5, Ynysmeurig Road, Abercynon.

Thomas was an auctioneer and house agent in Abercynon. Sarah who was born in 1860 came from the Somerset area.

By 1901, Thomas and Sarah had four children:

David William was born in 1885,
Clement was born in 1897,
Colenso Glynne was born in the latter part of 1899, and,
Hamilton Victor was born in October 1890

Also living at the modest sized mid-terrace house was Georgana Martin who was Sarah’s sister, and their father George Martin who was 81 years old.

Sadly, from an inscription on the family memorial adjacent to Colenso’s Commonwealth War Grave headstone, it can be seen that Hamilton Victor Jones died on 18th August 1901, aged ten months. Seventeen years later, the Jones family would lose another son in altogether different circumstances, but nevertheless, a family tragedy.

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