St Mabon's Church
War Memorial Document

Below are the details of the War Memorial that is in St Mabon’s Church, Llanfabon. I have recreated this to clarify any details that you may find difficult to read from the original photograph.

1914 - 1918

In Everlasting Memory
of Our Comrades
Who Fell in The Great War

~   O   ~

Corp T. Abraham.   S.W.B.
Priv H. Brown.   Dorset Regt
Lance.Cpl R. Brace.   Welsh
Priv S. Bundy.  West Yorks
Lance Sjt J. Carter.  Welsh Regt
Driver W. Cook.  A.S.C.
Sergt. E.J. Davies.  Welsh Regt
Priv A. Dobbs            " 
Priv L. Edmunds        "
Priv T. Edwards        "
Driver E. Edwards.  R.F.A.
Sapper W.J. Evans.  R.E.
Gunner T. Exon.  R.G.A.
Priv. J. Fowler  R.A.M.C.
Drum. W.C. Gardner.
Priv. W. Gardner.  S.W.B.
Sgt F.G. Harley.  M.G.C.
Priv. R. Hadley.  Dorset Reg.
Priv. A. Hanbury.     "

Priv. A Harding.     Welsh
Priv. W.G. Hughes.    K.O.S.B.
Corp S. Jenkins.    Welsh R
Priv. J. Jenkins.    Welsh Gds
Sgt. J.T. Jenkins.    R.W.F.
Lieut. E. Jones.      Middlesex
Priv. K. Jones.      Welsh
Priv. B. Jones.      Welsh
Sgt. R. Jones.      Dorset Reg.
Priv J.Lang. Duke of Cornwall LI
Lieut. H.H. Morgan.    Manch. R.
Priv. T. Mansell.    Welsh Gds
Priv. M. Martin.     R.W.F.
Priv. C. Morris.         "
Priv. R.F. Meacham.   K.S.L.I.
Corp. J. Meredith.    Welsh
Sgt. P. Portlock.    R.W. Sys
Gunner E. Portlock.    R.F.A.
Serg J. Northey.    D.?.M.W.

Priv W. North.   R. I. Fusiliers
Lieut H.E. Osborne.    Welsh
Priv. T. Peek.    M.Trans. C.
Priv. J. Parkins.    North Staffs
Priv. M. Price. Durham. L. Inf.
Priv. R.F. Probert. Welsh Regt
Priv. J. Powell.           "
Priv. T. Pollard.   Dorset Reg.
Priv. R. Pugh.    R.W.F.
Priv. A.C. Pugh.  Gloucester Reg
Corp. C. Ruck.    S.W.B.
Priv. C. Sims.    R.W.F
Priv. W.C. Slade.   Innisk. Fus
Priv. W.C.Steers.    Welsh
Corp. A.M. Thomas.    R.G.A.
Priv. H. Vine. M.M.    S.W.B.
A.B. Lot Varmin.  HMS Noble
Priv. B. Williams.    R.W.F.
Priv. W.H. Smith    R.W.F.

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