Below are the two remembrance articles that have been located in the Express newspaper.

December 7th 1918 – page 11.

Nelson soldiers who have died so far.

Lt H.H Morgan
2/Lt E Jones
Drummer Gardner


Lewis Edmunds

Ben Jones

R F Meacham

Arthur Harding

Harry brown

W E Hughes

J Parkins

T Mansell

Tom Edwards

Harry Jones

Arthur Dobbs

John Powell

W North

Sam Bundy

Reg Pugh

A Hanbury

M Martin

C Morris

H Vine

M Price

W Steers

D Lewis

R E Probert

C Sims

Josiah Lang

J Fowler

R Hadley

T Exon

W Cook

W Gardner

Tom Jenkins




J Carter
J Northey
J T Jenkins
F G Harley
E J Davies


J Meredith
C Ruck
T Abraham
S Jenkins

L/Cpl R Brace

A total of 44

There are three men still listed as missing after three years

Lt H E Osborne
Pte A C Pugh
Pte T Pollard

Sat November 4th 1922.

In remembrance.

Nelson’s solemn tribute to its sons.

Sunday last will live long in the memory of every inhabitant as a day when the whole village paid a solemn tribute to the men of Nelson who died during, or as a result of the Great War.
There were services held at St John’s Church and Penuel Chapel.

A special prayer was offered by the Rector, and then the Congregation while they read out the names figuring in Nelson’s Roll of Honour.

The complete list was as follows:

Cpl T Abraham, S.W.B

Pte B Jones, Welsh

Pte H Brown, Dorset Regt

Lt E Jones, Middlesex

L/Cpl R Brace, Welsh

Pte H Jones, Welsh

Pte S Bundy, West Yorks

Sgt R Jones, Dorset

Sgt J Carter, Welsh

Pte J Lang, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Inf

Driver W Cook, A.S.C.

Pte R F Meacham, K.S.L.I.

Sgt E J Davies, Welsh

Cpl J Meredith, Welsh

Pte A Dobbs, Welsh

Lt H H Morgan, Manchester

Pte L Edmunds, Welsh

Lt H E Osborne, Welsh

Pte T Edwards, Welsh

Pte J Parkins, North Staffs

Driver E Edwards, Welsh

Pte T Peek, M T C

Sapper W J Evans, R E

Pte T Pollard, Dorset

Gunner T Exon, R G A

Pte J Powell, Welsh

Pte J Fowler, R A M C

Pte M Price, Durham

Drummer W C Gardner, Welsh

Pte R E Probert, Welsh

Pte W Gardner, S W B

Pte A CPugh, Gloucester

Sgt F G Harley, M G C

Pte R Pugh, R W F

Pte R Hadley, Dorset

Cpl C Ruck, S W B

Pte A Hanbury, Dorset

Pte C Seabourne, Welsh

Pte A Harding, Welsh

Pte C Sims, R W F

Pte W E Hughes, K O S B

Pte W E Slade, Inniskillin Fusiliers

Cpl S Jenkins, Welsh

Cpl A M Thomas, R G A

Pte T Jenkins, Welsh Guards

Seaman L Varmin, HMS Noble

Pte H Vine, S W B

Pte B Williams, R W F