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January 9th

Boys in Khaki - Several of the Nelson soldiers were home on leave over the festive period. Among those who have been home are:
Lance Corporal J Carter, Privates L Morgan, W Slade, T Thomas and Treharne Jones of the Cardiff Pals Battalion, Trooper Fred Whiteman of the 15th Hussars, Privates D Beck and T Hadley of the 1st Dorsets, Private Trevor Date of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Driver Oliver Williams of the Army Service Corps and Lance Corporal J Miles of the Royal Field Artillery. Bugler W Gardner, Welsh Regiment is also home and making a good recovery from his wounds.
Mr Trevor Peek, steward of the Balfour Club stated that he had received a postcard from Mr Robert Williams, treasurer of the club, who was called up as a reservist of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers at the outbreak of war, stating that he is a prisoner of war at Munster, Westphalia, Germany, and that he is well and uninjured.
Two other members of the club, Private Tom Edwards and Gus Jones, Welsh Regiment have also sent postcards to the steward from a base in France, stating they are alright so far.

January 23rd

Home at Last - Midshipman Ernest T. Cole arrived home on Thursday morning. Our readers will remember that his ship, the S.S. Bankfields, was sunk by a German cruiser in the Pacific Ocean and it is only after further thrilling adventures that he has succeeded in reaching home again. On Monday evening he entertained a large audience at the Salem schoolroom with a thrilling account of his adventures.

January 30th

Second Lieutenant H.E. Osborne, 5th Welsh, was home for a few days. Driver Oliver Williams, A.S.C., has been home on sick leave. Private Bob Williams, R.W.F., of Wern Crescent and Private J. Huckle, Duke of Cornwalls L.I. of Powells Works are both prisoners of war in Germany. Private Will Varmin, K.R.R., has been wounded and is in hospital at Whitechapel, London. Lot Varmin is now on H.M.S. Jupiter which is attached to the North Sea fleet. Private John Maddison, Coldstream Guards, of Hollybush Terrace, who was so badly wounded at Ypres, has now come home for a few weeks, after some months in a Plymouth hospital. Private Tom Edwards, Welsh Regiment, whose home is in Ashgrove Terrace, has been severely wounded and is now is hospital at Boulogne. Bugler W Gardner, Welsh Regiment, who has been home for some weeks recuperating from wounds received at the front, and has now received orders to proceed to his depot.
Private W. Rees, Welsh Regiment, from Primrose Cottage, Wern Crescent, has been wounded and is home on rest leave.

February 6th

A banquet was given at the Royal Oak Hotel on Tuesday for the brave Nelson men who are at present home on furlough recovering from wounds etc. received at the front. They were:
Corporal W Edwards, R.W.F., Corporal W Price, National Reserve, Privates W Rees and Daniel Evans, Welsh Regiment, Bugler W Gardner, Welsh Regiment, Private J Maddison, Coldstream Guards, Midshipman Ernest Cole, Mercantile Marine and Rifleman Will Varmin , Rifle Brigade. It was also expected that Corporal Ruck of the South Wales Borderers would attend but he was called back to his depot the same day.
Mr Arthur Hopkins gave a brief description of each of the soldiers present and narrated the circumstances under which they were wounded or frost-bitten. Midshipman E Cole then replied and thanked all present for their welcome as also did Corporal W Price.
Bugler Gardner and Private Rees also spoke and said that it had been said in newspapers that wounded soldiers were anxious to get back to the front. After seeing five months fighting, as they had, they wished to say that they were not anxious to get back to the front, but they were willing to go back if needed, and if necessary, to lay down their lives for King and Country. There was a loud applause.

February 13th

Balfour Club - Readers will be interested to learn that the Balfour Club has 34 members serving with the colours. Their names are:
T Andrews, J Baker, J Breeze, G Bradley, W Cole, A Davies, J Day, W Edmunds, T Edwards, W Edwards, T Evans, W Gardner, J Hall, J Herbert, H Jenkins, T Jenkins, E Jones, Edmund Jones, Gus Jones, J Jones, L Morgan, T Pollard, W Price, J Pugh, S Renfree, W T Richard, T Smith, J R L Thomas, W Varmin, R Watkins, R Williams, J Edmunds, M Andrews and R Williams (P.O.W.)

February 27th

On Furlough - Driver John Pugh of the Royal Field Artillery, arrived at his home in Nelson on Saturday evening on 15 days leave from the front where he has been since the commencement of hostilities. Lance Corporal Jack Fowler, Royal Engineers, returned to his depot at Abergavenny on Monday after spending a few days home. L/Cpl Fowler is an old veteran having seen service in India, China and South Africa. Private Eddie Walters, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, is also home at present on sick leave.

March 13th

A supper and concert was held at the Royal Oak Hotel for Driver John Pugh, R.F.A., who has been invalided home with pneumonia after spending six and a half months at the front.

March 27th

A brigade boy, in the person of George Davies, Dynevor Terrace, has been made Bugler of E Company, 10th Welsh Regiment at Rhyl. Bugler Davies was in the C.L.B. Bugle band.
Sgt F Every, Trooper Whiteman, L/Cpl J Fowler and Pte Treharne Jones have been home of furlough during the past few weeks.
Recruiting meeting held in the national schoolroom, Nelson. Three soldiers who have been to the front attended. Private W Rees, Welsh Regiment, Rifleman W Varmin, Rifle Brigade and Driver John Pugh, Royal Field Artillery.

April 10th

Home on furlough - Several of the Nelson boys have been home for a few days over the Easter holidays. Acting Quartermaster Sgt J Miles looked particularly fit and well, as also did Private J Breeze and Driver E Pitt. Rifleman W Varmin and Private D Rees are still at home, not having recovered sufficiently to return to the front, and driver J Pugh is also making splendid progress towards recovery.

April 17th

Amongst the soldiers who have been home on furlough during the past week were: Hubert Morgan, Life Guards, Will Hughes, Captain of the local soccer team, Hughie Gibbs and others.

April 24th

Military - During the weekend, Nelson presented a military appearance owing to the number of men home on furlough. Privates C Hope, J Day, C Day, H Day and E Davies have considerably benefited in health since joining the army. Amongst the latest recruits from Nelson are George Innes and Jim Morgan who, on Monday, proceeded to Aldershot to join the Army Service Corps as butchers. It is estimated that there are at least fifty Nelson soldiers at the front at the present. Mr H Gardner, High Street, has received a letter from his son Bugler W Gardner, Welsh Regiment, stating that he is at the front once again. Private Maddison, Coldstream Guards, Private Rees, Welsh Regiment, Driver J Pugh, Royal Field Artillery and Rifleman Will Varmin, Rifle Brigade, are still at Nelson recuperating. Messrs Harry Griffiths, L Rusbatch and T Selby have also joined the A.S.C. as butchers.

May 1st

Death of Private Reginald Hadley, 5th Battalion, Dorset Regiment, at Connaught Military Hospital, Aldershot.

May 15th

Serjeant Tom Loveridge, Warwickshire Regiment has been discharged from hospital having had his left arm amputated. He has been awarded the D.C.M. for conspicuous gallantry and the front.

May 29th

Sgt Tom Loveridge, D.C.M., Royal Warwickshire Regiment is home on leave.
Sgt Loveridge who had his left arm amputated from wounds received at France, received his D.C.M. from Princess Christina whilst lying on his bed at West Didsbury Hospital, Manchester, recovering after eight operations.

Soldier’s enquiry - We have received the following inquiry from Private D.W. Lewis of Nelson, now on active service:
17th may, 1915, Private 8218 D W Lewis, D Company, 1st Battalion, Dorsets, Flanders. Sir, having heard from a friend of mine that there was an advertisement in your paper for the whereabouts of D W Lewis of Nelson, I should be very pleased if you would let me know the name of the inquirer in case it refers to me, as I was the only one of that name in Nelson, Kindly oblige, D W Lewis.

Home on furlough - Quite a number of Nelson soldiers spent the Whitsun holidays at home. All the men looked well and seemed in excellent spirits. Amongst them were: Second Lieut H E Osborne, 5th Welsh, H H Morgan, Life Guards, Troopers Joe Edwards and T V Gay, Welsh Horse, Corporal J Hughes, Shropshire Light Infantry, Driver Bert Watkins, R.F.A., Drivers T Hadley and Oliver Williams, A.S.C., Privates D Morgan, E Morgan, E J Davies ,T Osborne and W Fowler.

A Bombastic Bungler - In our last issue we published a paragraph which stated that Gunner Harry Jones, Machine Gun Section, Welsh Regiment, a son of Mrs Jones, Brynhyfryd, Heol Fawr, had been wounded at Ypres. We have since heard that this is untrue and Gunner Jones had not been to the front at all, his wound being caused by an operation for varicose veins. In consequence of the criticism received from those readers who know the truth, we would like our readers to understand that the information and photo were given to us by Gunner Jones himself, and that we accepted it all in good faith. We do not regard the matter as a joke in any sense of the word, but think Gunner Jones’ actions a very cheap way of obtaining notoriety. Whilst expressing regret to his family and to our readers, we repeat our statement that the only person to blame for it having appeared is Gunner Jones himself.

Mr and Mrs Gardner, High Street, Nelson, received another letter from Bandsman H Symonds, Welsh Regiment on Sunday confirming the sad news of their only son’s death in action on May 5th. It appears that Drummer Gardner was attending to the wounded when he was struck by a shell, death being instantaneous. So far, no official communication has been received from the War Office. Mrs Ruck of Tai Fforest Houses has received official communication from the War Office, stating that he husband, Sergeant Ruck, South Wales Borderers, has been killed in action.

June 12th

Mr William Hopkins, Grocer, Commercial Street, Nelson, has been notified by the War Office, that his son, Sapper W Hopkins, Royal Monmouth Engineers, has been wounded in France.
Nelson soldiers home on leave: Private D Jones, Private J Breeze, Private H Harding, Private J Bishop and Corporal J Fowler.

June 26th

Home on leave - Pte W Chant, Bantams, butcher George Innes, A.S.C., butcher Harry Griffiths, A.S.C., Sgt Will Edwards, Royal Fusiliers and Private Dan Evans, Welsh Regiment, both who have been wounded twice, Pte Donald Beck, 5th Dorsets and Sgt W Price, Welsh Regiment. We are informed that Pte John Parkins, North Staffs, is coming home this week on rest leave.
Sgt Tom Loveridge, D.C.M., is now acting as recruiting officer in this district. Notwithstanding the loss of his left arm, the gallant Serjeant is as full of life as ever.

July 3rd

During the past week, Bugler George Davies, Privates Morgan Andrews, E J Davies and W Williams, Driver J Hadley and Trooper S Renfree have been home for a few days on furlough. They all looked in the pink of condition.

Supper - A complimentary supper in honour of Sergt T Loveridge, D.C.M., Royal Warwickshire Regiment, was held at the Royal Oak Hotel on Thursday evening. Mr W J Evans of Woodville, presided over an excellent attendance. An enjoyable cold repast had been provided by the hostess, Mrs Morgan, which was much appreciated. Proceedings were opened by Mr Ben Date who sang the National Anthem, those present joining in the refrain. Mr Peter Mathias was the accompanist. After the tables were cleared, several songs were rendered and Sergt Loveridge was warmly congratulated on his bravery in the course of speeches by the Chairman and Messrs Arthur Hopkins, Chas Davies, Leonard Williams, Jack Phillips. Sergeant Loveridge responded and thanked them all for the great kindness. Votes of thanks to the Chairman, artistes, hostess and waiters concluded a pleasant evening.

On rest leave - Private John Parkins, North Staffordshire Regiment, arrived at Nelson direct from the front late on Thursday evening week. Private Parkins whose home is in Heol Fawr, is well known in the district and his many friends were pleased to see him return safe and sound. An old Army man he was on the reserve when war broke out, and was sent to France on August 28th in time to take part in the Battle of The Marne, which was the turning point in the historic retreat from Mons. Since then he has participated in most of the fighting but has had the good fortune to escape injury in any shape or form. He returned to the front on Monday morning carrying with him the good wishes of all the inhabitants for his future safety.

July 10th

Privates Morgan Bevan, Dan Thomas and C A Osborne and Sapper Gwilym Leyshon are now home on furlough. On Saturday evening, Private R Pockett arrived at his home in Heol Fawr on a short rest leave from the front.

July 17th

Wounded - Private Gus Jones, 3rd Welsh, a son of Mr Willian Jones, 9, Wern Crescent, has been wounded at the front and is now at the Abbey Hospital, Woburn, Bedfordshire. We learn that he is progressing favourably and expects that he will be able to come home in a few weeks. We wish him a speedy recovery.
Driver Bert Watkins, R.F.A. of Station Terrace, Nelson, was home on furlough during the weekend. Soldiers we have noticed home during the weekend have been Sergt Jim Morgan, Driver B Watkins, Privates W Jones, H Milsom and H Jones.

July 24th

Amongst the soldiers home on weekend leave, we have noticed Privates Treharne Jones, Lewis Morgan and D Wall.
Privates Donald Beck, E J Davies (Heol Fawr) and T Osborne are now at the front.

July 31st

Driver Harold Pitt and Royal Field Artillery, eldest son of Mrs Evans, Shingrig Road, who has been at the front since last August is now lying in a French hospital with a fractured ankle. Private Gus Jones, Welsh Regiment, is making good progress towards recovery at the Abbey Hospital, Woburn..
During the week the following boys in khaki were home for a few days: Privates J Matthews, A Lee, J Day and J Shaughnessy.

August 7th

Private W Phillips, Welsh Regiment, son of Mr William Phillips, Shingrig Road, is with the detachment of the Welsh now on a recruiting tour in South Wales. He obtained a few hours leave on Tuesday whilst the detachment were at Pontypridd and came home, his many friends being pleased to see him.

August 28th

Private F Whiteman, Welsh Guards,, W Fowler. Royal Field Artillery and H Day, Royal Garrison Artillery are home on short leave. Sapper Frank Evans has now returned to his depot, Privates Tom Andrews and Gus Jones also returned to their depots.

September 11th

Supper - Driver Tom Hadley, Army Service Corps, was entertained to a supper and social evening at Heol Fawr vestry prior to his departure for the front. Driver Hadley left Nelson on Sunday morning. Sgt M Andrews, Royal Irish Fusiliers, 6, Station Terrace, has been shot through the hand at the Dardanelles.
Soldiers home on leave: Eddie Spiller, R.E., Privates Arthur Davies, Will Phillips, Harry Milsom, Welsh Regiment, Sgt Charlie Watkins, Shropshire Regiment. Private Trevor Date has been released from the army to become a munitions worker.

September 25th

No further news has come to hand regarding the whereabouts of Lieut H E Osbourne, 5th Welsh, who was reported as being wounded at the Dardanelles at the beginning of August. As no letters have been received from him it is thought locally that he must be a prisoner.

Richard Andrews, 6, Station Terrace, last week received a letter from his son, Private Tom Andrews of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers stating that he is well and has escaped injury so far. Mr Andrews’ other son who is in the army, Sergt M Andrews, Royal Irish Fusiliers, who was recently wounded at the Dardanelles, has written home to say that he may be in England shortly.

During the past week the following soldiers were home on short leave: Sergt J Morgan, A.S.C., Corporal Ralph Watkins, Trelewis, Privates Lewis Edwards, David Thomas, R Morgan and Sergt W S Price. They all looked well.

Quartermaster Sergeant A John, 6th Manitoba Rifles, who is in training with the Canadian contingent at Folkestone, Kent, paid a visit to Nelson on Saturday and spent a few hours with his sister, Mrs S Osborne, 32, High Street. His relatives were pleased to see him as they had not previously seen him for over 13 years.

Driver Joe Hall, R.F.A., Shingrig Road, is recuperating at home from wounds received in France.

Trelewis news - Private Dan Jayne, Shropshire Regiment, returned home to Trelewis on Monday to recuperate from wounds received at the front. Pte Jayne was struck in the right elbow by a revolver bullet. Serjeant E T Owen, R.A.M.C.,, former headmaster, visited his school on Tuesday.

October 2nd

Home on short leave - Driver Leslie Lewis, Royal Field Artillery, and Privates Tom Jones and Tom Thomas, Welsh Regiment, are home on leave.

C.E.M.S. - On Tuesday, the Reverend H Monk, organising secretary of the C.E.M.S., paid a visit to the Llanfabon Branch. Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, a good number were present. After the usual service, a vote of condolence with Mrs Jones and family, Brynhyfryd, was passed on the death of her son Harry, who was killed in the Gallipoli Peninsula. A vote of sympathy with Mrs Osborne and family, who had received a message that day from the war office, stating that her husband, Lieutenant H E Osborne, had been missing since August 10th, was also passed.

October 9th

His many friends will be pleased to learn that Butcher Harry Griffiths, A.S.C., is slowly recovering from the serious accident he sustained at Basingstoke about three months ago. He was knocked down by a motorcycle, his right leg being broken, in addition to other minor injuries. He left hospital Wednesday week and is now home for a few days
During the past week we have noticed several soldiers home on furlough, many of them making their last visit before leaving for the front. Among them were: Baker E Powell, A.S.C., J Breeze, W Chant, T Thomas, T Jones, Welsh Regiment and L Lewis, R.F.A.
Reports from various sources indicate that a large number of Nelson and Trelewis men have been wounded in the heavy fighting in France.

October 16th

We have noticed Private J Matthews, W Rees and Bugler George Davies, Welsh Regiment home on short leave. Also Sgt J Tranter, S.C.O.B. and Trooper Joe Edwards, Welsh Horse.

October 23rd

Promotion - Trooper Hubert Hopkin Morgan, 1st Life Guards, has been offered and has accepted a 2nd Lieutenancy in the Manchester Regiment. He is now at Cambridge, undergoing a course of instruction in his new duties.

October 30th

Driver Harold Pitt, R.F.A., who has been in France since the war began, arrived at Nelson for a few days rest leave, Wednesday week, and returned to the front on Monday morning.

November 6th

Roll of Honour - Surely it is high time that some steps were taken to record in a permanent form the names of those Sons of Nelson who are serving their King and Country. On St David’s Day, in March last, a list was read out at a public meeting of the names of those who had enlisted up to that date, and it was announced that they were to be inscribed on a roll of honour. Eight months have passed, but nothing has been done.

No further news has yet come to hand respecting the whereabouts of Lieut H E Osborne, 5th Welsh, who was reported as being wounded and missing at the Gallipoli Peninsula in August last.
Private R Williams who is a prisoner in Germany, writes home occasionally. He is quite well but is allowed to say nothing in his letter of the treatment the prisoners receive in this camp. His friends at the Balfour Club send him a parcel of food, tobacco, etc. every month.
A report has reached his friends that Private W Edmunds has been taken prisoner by the Germans.

November 13th

Home from the front - Private Jack Lewis, R.W.F. of Station Terrace, was last week home on leave. Serjeant T Edwards, 5th Welsh, Corporal R W Jones, R.W.F. and Private W Rees, 2nd Welsh Regiment

Trelewis Soldiers Home on Leave - Privates Carsley, Harry Davies, N Nathan and Will Sellick. Private Ivor Lewis of Bontnewydd Terrace, who was wounded at the Dardanelles, is now in hospital at Hereford.

November 20th

On Furlough - Second Lieutenant H H Morgan, son of Mr T Morgan, M.E., Maesydderwen House, was home during last week on short leave. Lieutenant Morgan enlisted as a trooper in the 1st Life Guards, but was recently granted a commission in the Manchester Regiment. Whilst home he was the recipient of many congratulations on his promotion.
A large number of soldiers were also home during the weekend, paying their final visit before proceeding to the front. Among them we noticed: Sergt J Tranter, Privates Morgan Bevan, Emlyn Edwards, Dick Brace, Arthur Davies, Jack Day, Cyril Day, W Jones, T Price, T Thomas, Eddie Walters, W Steer, Corporal George Jones, Privates W Williams and J Matthews.
On Saturday last, Driver Phil Pearce, R.F.A., son of Mr Bert Pearce, Donald Street, returned to France after being home on a week’s rest leave from the front. This was his first holiday, he having been at the front for over 15 months. He looked particularly fit and well and his many friends were pleased to see him once again.

November 27th

Lot Varmin, H.M.S. Jupiter, has been home on leave. Other soldiers we have noticed home are Privates David Thomas and Will Phillips, Welsh Regiment, Driver Jack Burley, R.F.A. and Privates Lewis Edmunds and E Beddoe.

Trelewis news - The streets of the village were decorated with flags on Tuesday in honour of the homecoming of Lance Corporal W Hughes and Private James Jones. The former was returning home from Eastbourne hospital where he has been since being wounded in France. Previous to going to Eastbourne however, he was for a short time in the Canadian hospital in Shorncliffe. Corporal Albert Viles as also home recuperating from wounds received at the front.

Trelewis news - Success - His many friends will be pleased to learn that Mr W.P.T.Evans, 3rd son of Councillor Jonah Evans, Gwalia House, Trelewis, has been successful in obtaining his 1st class, Marine Engineers, Board of Trade Certificate. Councillor Evans has two other sons in the army, the eldest, Sidney, being somewhere in France and the second son, James, at the Dardanelles.

December 4th

Driver Tom Hambley, R.F.A., is home on leave. Serjeant Tom Loveridge, D.C.M., is now home for a months furlough from the Isle of Wight. When he returns he expects to be sent to hospital at Roehampton, in order that he may be fitted with an artificial arm. Readers will remember that Sgt Loveridge lost his left arm as a result of wounds received in action during the early stages of the war.
Also home is Captain T D Williams, R.F.A., who prior to the was was engaged in the legal profession and resided at Brookland House. Driver J Haskell, R.F.A. is home on short leave.

Trelewis news - Privates Tom and Will Jewell (Father and son) and N Nathan are home on leave. The streets were decorated on Wednesday evening in preparation for the expected visit of Driver Edgar Jenkins, R.F.A. of Bontnewydd Terrace, who has been in France for fourteen months. A smoking concert was held at the Ffaldcaiaich Inn on Saturday evening for the benefit of Private James Jones, who is home on rest leave.

December 11th

In Germany - Private Robert Williams, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, who is a prisoner of war at Munster Camp, Germany, has written a letter to Mr Tom Peek, steward of the Balfour Club, stating that he is in good health, and thanking him, and the club members for the letters and parcels he has received. Prior to being called up as a reservist at the outbreak of war, Private Williams was the treasurer of the Balfour Club.

Lieut H E Osborne - Some reference to Lieut H E Osborne, 5th Welsh, of Nelson, who was officially reported as wounded and missing at the Dardanelles on August 9th last is contained in a letter from Serjeant M Andrews, Royal Irish Fusiliers to his home at 6, Station Terrace, Nelson. The gallant Serjeant, who has himself been wounded and has only just left hospital at Malta, has been endeavouring to trace Lieut Osborne’s whereabouts in response to a request from the family. The information he sends, small and vague as it is, should renew hope amongst his relatives and friends that he is still alive. Serjt Andrews writes as follows, “Tell Mrs Leyshon I went to look for him in Malta and I heard that he was coming on alright, and I hope they have heard from him by now.”. Serjt Andrews continues as follows, “It is very cold out here, a bit of Barry, we are all in Serbia now”. Our readers will join us in wishing that the hopes of Lieut Osborne’s safety may prove true and that he may be soon able to return to his home once more.

Corporal W Hughes, K.O.S.B. - On Thursday week we received an interesting letter from Corporal Will Hughes, K.O.S.B., son of Mrs Hughes, 20, Wern Crescent, who is at present in the Eastern theatre of war. Corporal Hughes is well known locally and his many friends will be pleased to learn that he is safe and sound. He is well known also in the South Wales football circles, and captained the Nelson A.F.C. during one season. We quote extracts from his letter as follows:

     “Nov 10th 1915. Dear Mrs Lewis, will you kindly insert a few lines in the Merthyr Express to let my friends know that I am in the best of health and enjoying the great change in my life. We get plenty of sport and football out here, which all helps to keep our young fellows fit for action. We get the ‘Ideal Diet’ which consists of bully beef and hard biscuits. We do not require any pills for indigestion or stomach trouble after that. I have met my young fellows who knew me as soon as they saw me, but I did not know them. They are from the Merthyr and Aberdare districts. We had a splendid voyage out, travelling in a first-class liner, nothing to do but have your meals and watch the beautiful scenery of the coastlines of different countries. It made me think how vast the world is after being on the water for fourteen days. We beat the Australians at football last Sunday by nine goals to two. We had some fine men playing in my team. I hope all the young recruits I know at Nelson are in the best of health. We also got plenty of the seaside, which gives one the advantage of becoming a good swimmer, and it also helps to keep off the vermin much better than doctor’s remedies. On the voyage out there was nothing better than to get out of your bunk in the early morning to watch the sun rising over the edge of the waters like a big glorious ball of fire. I must close now, wishing all the citizens of Nelson the best of luck to their dear ones on active service.

Items of interest - Corporal Oliver Williams, A.S.C. is home on furlough. We congratulate him on his promotion. He is the son of Mr Daniel Williams, Station Terrace.
Amongst the latest recruits from Nelson are Mr Willie Pugh, son of Mr Ben Pugh, contractor, and the son of Mr T Lewis, Hillside, High Street - Driver Leslie Lewis, R.F.A. was home during last weekend looking fit and well.
Mrs Morgan of the Royal Oak Hotel has received a letter from her son, Private R Morgan, S.W.B., who is now at Salonika, stating that he is in the best of health and spirits and wishing to be remembered to his many friends.
Driver Jack Hadley, R.F.A., son of Mr J Hadley, Shingrig Road, who has been home on short leave, returned to his depot on Monday.

Trelewis news - Readers will be interested to learn that Private Lewis Williams, Welsh Guards, son of Mr John Williams, tailor, of Pontsquire, Trelewis, has been wounded in France, but has since returned to the firing line. Private Williams was called up at the outbreak of war as a reservist of the Grenadier Guards, but joined the Welsh Guards on the formation of that regiment.
Grand smoking concert held at the ‘Bont’ for Driver Edgar Jenkins, R.F.A. and private Jack Davies, Somerset Light Infantry, High Street, Trelewis. A smoking concert was held at the Ffald for Corporal Albert Viles, 5th Welsh, who is now home after being wounded in action. Privates Tom Storey (wounded in action) and Ralph Storey are home on furlough.

December 18th

Sgt C A Osbourne, 5th Welsh, has been home on short leave after undergoing his musketry course at Liverpool.

Trelewis news - Private Jack Williams, Shropshire Regiment, is now home of rest leave from the front. He has been seriously ill in hospital in France, and was in hospital for some time, but his friends will be pleased to learn that he is now progressing. He is the son of MrR John Williams, Glyn Tuen, Glynbargoed, Trelewis. Other soldiers we have noticed home on furlough have been Sgt E Walker, Ptes J Beynon and W Lewis. Driver Edgar Jenkins, R.F.A. and Pte J Davies, Dorset Regt, have now returned to the firing line, and Cpl A Viles, 5th Welsh, has returned to his depot.

December 25th

Home from the front - Privates Tom Pollard and Tom Addis of the Dorset Regiment arrived home on Thursday week on short leave from the front. Both have been in France for many months and have thoroughly earned their short visit home. They first went into action at the famous fight around Hill 60, where Private Pollard was gassed. They arrived home bespattered with mud from head to foot, and obviously in need of rest. They were both given a hearty welcome by their friends, but unfortunately had to return before Christmas, being due to sail from Southampton today(Friday).

Trelewis soldiers home on leave include Abe Edwards, D Belt, Dan Bridges, W Ninnis, H Phillips, J Jones and D J Hill.

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